Trail Access Closure - 28 Mar 2014

Due to I-29 expansion work, the trail access tunnel under I-29 at Pierce Street will be closed from mid-April 2014 into fall. Pedestrian and cyclist access to the riverfront will be on Floyd Boulevard or via the new third street ramp to Wesley Way and then south on Wesley way where the sidewalk is not yet trail width until it intersects with the Veteran's Bridge.

New Signage - 20 Oct 2013

Watch for new Bike Route signage this spring on many Sioux City streets. Siouxland Trails Foundation volunteers worked for over two years with City of Sioux City officials to determine the streets to be designated bicycle routes. A lot of thought and effort went into the streets that will be so designated. We tried to note the streets that bicyclists use the most. In the cases of streets with busier motor vehicle traffic, (for example, Morningside Avenue) we have tried to also designate close by parallel streets for those not comfortable with riding in traffic. The designated bike routes help alert motorists that they might encounter more bicycle traffic on the designated streets and the signs also alert bicyclists to streets that tend to be more 'bike friendly'. To help get the signs up as soon as possible, the City agreed to install the signs and a coalition consisting of Siouxland Trails Foundation, Siouxland Cyclists, Scheels, and Siouxland District Health funded the purchase of the signs. The City of Sioux City is also working on determining a few streets which will have actual bike lanes painted on them. If you have questions about this project feel free to contact us at 712-233-3240.

How to Report Potholes - 10 Aug 2013

Most bicycle riders have to ride at least a portion of their route on city streets. Potholes that are an inconvenience for an automobile can be bone-jarring or accident causing for a bicyclist. The City of Sioux City makes it very easy to report a pothole. Go to the City's website and click on the Contact Us link. A drop down menu will appear and one of the options is 'Report a Pothole' - You can list your name and phone number and the address/description of where the pothole is. Our experience is that the City does a fairly good job of following up on these requests, and we have had them call the number we gave with the report to follow up.

Tri-State Trails Tour X
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